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Which computer/mobile is best for Stock Trading ?

1.Phone or PC ?

Of Course PC! Phone trading is really not advisable in trading scenarios but can be used for slow trading or long term investing only.

2. Mac or Windows ?

With our experience most of the highly sophisticated trading platforms do not offer their desktop softwares for Mac Os. So Windows PC is the best choice.

3.How much powerful PC ?

Not Powerful at all needed. Basic Windows 10/8 with 4GB RAM & low tier graphics card with above Intel i3 processor is more than enough for trading.

4. Do i need multiple screens ?

Just like do you need multiple phones ? depends on your lifestyle & your work.

Similarly, if you watch lots of charts & have lot of chrome tabs open and like to have a battle station feel sure! as many as you need.

But we do recommend a Dual-screen Setup is no harm at all You can connect one laptop with HDMI to your spare LCD TV or extra Monitor. If not single screen is much cleaner! Then on the upside can go upto any number of screens provided you have equally powerful PC.

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